Lead Management

Simplest Lead Management with Real Manager

Managing leads has always required a lot of time and effort from sales staff.  Most of the job is completed automatically and the remainder is completed in the notification phase. Thanks to Real Manager for getting the work making easy!

Add New Lead

Real manager offers you to add lead according to project and property wise. In Lead Management we add new leads according to their type. This types are categorized in three types like warm, hot and cool. also add complate details of customer with thair budget value.



Follow Up

The leads originate from fresh leads, which are followed up on in this stage. where you can follow up the leads for growing your business. Check the status of leads as well as their complete information and next process action.

Import Lead

The Import Leads is one more special feature thats Real Manager provides you. This allows you to import sheets in Excel format. You simply need to update the name and phone number on the excel sheet before uploading it and those uploaded data will be compiled and transferd in table format.



Telecaller Status

The complete working flow for the telecaller lead process is carried out in the Telecalling  module. where you can see the totals for follow-up, site visits, and other phases according to tele caller status and thier total leads.